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(GF) denotes items that are Gluten Free



(GF) Grandpa’s famous Salsa & Chips3.99

Homemade salsa warmed and served with tortilla chips

Wings (8) 8.99

Breaded and deep fried. Choice of dipping sauce: buffalo, bar-be-que, or ranch

Add Fries 1.50

Potato Bites4.99

4 cheese potato & 4 Jalapeño potato bites

Scones (4)3.99

Hot fried bread served with honey butter

Mini Chicken Tacos (10)4.99

10-deep fried-mini chicken tacos served with salsa


4 wings with choice of dipping sauce: buffalo, bar-b-que, or ranch and 4 of each type of Potato Bites

Corn Dog Bites4.99

10 small corn dogs

Combo Platter9.99

4 chicken wings with choice of dipping sauce. Served with 4 of each potato bites, 4 mini corn dogs bites and 4 mini chicken tacos

French Fries3.99

Add Cheese .50 | Add Chili 2.00

(GF) Chili

Bowl 5.29 | Cup 3.99 | Add Cheese .50

(Onion Optional)

All Day Breakfast

Meat & Eggs

Choice of ham, bacon or sausage.

2 Eggs, Hash Browns & Toast - 8.59 (Choice of white or wheat toast)

1 Egg, Hash Browns & Toast - 7.59 (Choice of white or wheat toast)


Ham & Cheese 9.59

Bacon & Cheese 9.59

Sausage & Cheese 9.59

Cheese Only 7.59

Veggie & Cheese 8.59 (onion, peppers & tomatoes)

Meat Lovers 10.99 (sausage, ham, bacon and cheese)

Add vegetables to any omelet (onions, peppers and tomatoes) 1.00

Just Eggs

2 Eggs with Hash Browns & Toast 5.99 (Choice of white or wheat toast)

1 Egg with Hash Browns & Toast 4.99 (Choice of white or wheat toast)

Pancake Dippers (5)4.99

Pancake batter deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with syrup

Breakfast Burrito9.49

Choice of ham, sausage, or bacon, eggs, hash browns & cheese wrapped in a tortilla shell and served with salsa

Side Orders

Toast (choice of white or wheat) 2.29

Hash Browns 1.99

Eggs (2) 2.99

Ham, Bacon or Sausage 3.29


All burgers are served with fries!     

Add cheese or bacon to any burger! American or Swiss cheese .50 or both .75 | Bacon 1.00 | Onions available upon request!

*The health department recommends all ground meat be cooked to 155 degrees to avoid health concerns


Blondie Burger*15.99

Double Black Angus patty, both cheeses and bacon with grilled onions

Elk Burger*12.99

1/3 lb. juicy elk patty


1/3 lb. juicy Black Angus beef patty

Veggie Burger9.99

Garden vegetable soybean patty

Buffalo Burger*12.99

Mini Burgers*6.59

Two small (beef only) burgers.


All sandwiches served with fries!

*Gluten Free Bread Available Add 1.00

Philly Cheese Steak9.99

Choice of beef or chicken topped with Swiss cheese and grilled onions on a hoagie bun.

(Peppers Optional)

Grilled Cheese6.59

Choice of white or wheat bread.

Add Ham 1.00

Chicken Sandwich8.99

A charbroiled tender breast served with grilled onions and grilled bread

Club Sandwich9.99

Turkey, ham and bacon. Choice of toasted white or wheat bread.

Add Cheese .50

Turkey Sandwich8.99

In house tender roasted turkey, choice of white or wheat bread, served with lettuce and mayo

French Dip Sandwich9.59

Roast beef served on a hoagie bun with Swiss cheese and au jus

Malibu Chicken Sandwich 9.99

Char-broiled chicken breast with ham, Swiss cheese and honey mustard sauce served on a bun


Bacon, lettuce and tomato. Choice of toasted white or wheat bread

Roast Beef Sandwich8.99

Roast beef served on white or wheat bread

Add Cheese .50

Tuna Melt7.99

Albacore Tuna on white or wheat bread with melted Swiss or American cheese


Hot Dog4.99

Served with fries

Add Cheese .50 | Add Chili 2.00

Shrimp Basket8.99

15 shrimp lightly breaded, served with fries

Corn Dog4.99

Battered Dog on a stick, served with fries

Fish & Chips (3)9.99

Lightly battered cod, served with fries

Chicken Strips (3)8.49

Lightly breaded, served with your choice of sauce: ranch, honey mustard or bar-be-que, served with fries

Navajo Taco9.99

Fry bread served with chili, cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce, topped with sour cream, with salsa on the side

Beef Gyro8.99

Pita bread filled with seasoned beef, tomato, onion, lettuce and shredded cheese, topped with ranch dressing, served with a salad and choice of dressing


Choice of Gluten Free Dressings:  Bleu Cheese,  Vinegar & Oil, Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Italian or Wild Raspberry.

(GF) Veggie Salad 8.49

Tomato, onions, green peppers and cheese on top of a bed of lettuce

Chicken Taco Salad9.99

Tomato, onion, cheese with salsa and seasoned chicken, served on a bed of lettuce in a flour tortilla shell

(GF) Chicken Salad 9.99

Choice of grilled or crispy chicken, tomato, onion, green peppers and cheese on top of a bed of lettuce

(GF) Chef Salad 9.99

Turkey, ham, cheese, tomato and onion on top of a bed of lettuce

(GF) Dinner Salad 3.99

Lettuce and tomato.


All dinners are served with potato and vegetables.

Add A Salad With your Dinner 2.99

(GF) Steak 8 oz. Choice Cut 16.99

Charcoal broiled-extremely tender and flavorful

Fried Chicken (4) Piece16.99

Deep fried breast, leg, wing, and thigh, moist and tender

(GF) Trout 8 oz. Filet 16.99

Grilled with lemon pepper and served with lemons


Apple Pie4.75


Add vanilla ice cream .75 ala mode


Chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, caramel, hot fudge, or Oreo

Whipped Cream and Nuts Optional

Cherry Pie4.75


Add vanilla ice cream .75 ala mode

Shakes or Malts4.99

Chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, caramel, Oreo, or Vanilla

Banana Cream4.75


Root Beer Float4.99

(GF) Ice Cream 2.49

Cup or Cone

Chocolate, vanilla or Twist (combination or both)

Root Beer Freeze4.99

(Other Flavors Available)


Fountain Drinks

Regular (20 oz.) 2.49 | Large (32 oz.) 2.99

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Pink Lemonade, Mt. Dew, Orange or Sierra Mist.

Milk (20 oz.)2.49

Brewed Iced Tea

Regular (20 oz.) 2.49 | Large (32 oz.) 2.99

Juice (12 oz.)2.49

Orange, Grape, Apple

Gatorade (Bottled)1.59

Coffee Or Decaffeinated Coffee2.69

Bottled Water1.19

Hot Chocolate Or Hot Tea2.69

Canned Coke Products0.89


Must be 21! ID Required.

Available after 11:30 am

Ghost Rider White5.00


Budweiser 5.00

Polygamy Porter5.00


Budweiser Light 5.00


Double Bock-8%